Overflow is a term used to describe financial giving to support foreign mission projects. Current missions are located in Mexico and Central America. The word Overflow comes from the life experience growing up in the Ozark mountains of Washington County Arkansas. There was a spring of cool water that flowed from the ground below a large bluff. Water formed a pool then overflowed, that running water served as a refrigerator for 3 families. The water then ran into a concrete holding tank for the livestock to drink. From the tank then into a pond stocked with fish.

One Sunday usually the last Sunday in September of each year a contribution is taken to support Southside Church of Christ foreign missions. This overflow of our giving is used to teach the Gospel message in part of the Spanish speaking world. There are 3 parts for our mission support:

Part 1:  

Support for new congregations of the Lord’s church and the families that work with those congregations. Church locations are in Mexico City and in the country of Honduras.

Part 2:

Support for the Biblical Institute of Central America BICA. BICA is a 2 year Biblical institution of learning. Offering a tuition paid education for men and women. This education is based on the instruction found in 2 Timothy 2:2. Students are encouraged to return to their home congregation to share this knowledge.

Part 3:

The El Progreso medical clinic. This clinic has 2 locations, patients are cared for 2 days each week at the San Francisco Church of Christ in El Progreso and 2 days each week at the BICA campus. During 2023 we will care for about 1,800 patients.

Clinic staff include Dr. Issis Fonseca, a graduate of the University of Honduras medical school. Medical tech Keni Andino, a graduate of BICA, and online medical tech school. Also Osmin Lopez, clinic security, also a BICA graduate.

Financial support can be made online through our website.

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